Due to our longstanding relationships with major oil companies, HBS Group facilitates the supply of oil, oil derivatives and gas to proven qualified end buyers.

Since 2013 we have expanded our position in the oil and gas market by being able to buy products and assets on our own account as principal.

We own the sole and exclusive intellectual property rights and the World wide sole and exclusive use of a Patented device, pertaining to a revolutionary, unique Seabed Drilling Rig (the OSDR) which would not only be capable of drilling at extreme depths but also under moving and unpredictable artic ice. Our engineering partner is a UK registered leading support services organisation specialising in energy, defence, telecommunications and transport with 36,000 skilled employees world-wide.

Our facilities include floating storage as well as land based tankage with a current capacity of 2.5 million cubic meters. Our customers include national oil companies, oil majors and oil refineries.

We source, buy, store, blend, transport and deliver a range of oil products to Clients globally, including crude oil, fuel oil distillates, gasoline, asphalt and other petrochemicals. We have successfully negotiated Supply, Processing and Off-take agreements, together with the logistics arrangements required to support these agreements, with strategic partners within the energy and shipping industries.

Our intention is to expand into a major World class energy services company, pursuing cleaner, more efficient, smarter and safer technologies, engineering and logistic solutions not just to increase our position in the market but also to assist our customers to realize their commercial objectives. In order to achieve this, we are looking to make significant investments into the energy sector by acquiring major assets which we intend to own and operate on our own account.


HBS Group has long-standing relationships with various international banks and institutions which enables it to fulfil its client’s requirements. HBS Group’s leading partner in this sector specialise in advising and arranging capital across a wide range of sectors including real estate, project finance, financial assets, the supply of equity, mezzanine and senior debt finance as well as high value asset leverage.

Acquisitions & Disposals:

HBS Group locates for its clients and sells to order, high value commodities ranging from and by no means limited to art and rough uncut gem quality diamonds to high value commercial properties. Clients range from high net worth individuals to companies, requiring utmost discretion. We also sources companies which are required by Clients to enhance their global trading positions


HBS Group is commissioned to source gold Dore and gold Bullion on behalf of its Clients.

HBS Group also buys Gold Bullion on its own account.

Construction Equipment:

HBS Group sources to order, packs and oversees the point to point delivery of all types of construction equipment and vehicles. It provides consultancy services to ensure the equipment requested is the most suitable for the job specified.

Due to an extensive list of worldwide suppliers, it has always been able to fulfil its Clients requirements regardless of the amount of equipment required or the designated location. HBS Group also facilitates the sale of equipment.